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Why Take Over Someone Else’s Gym Membership

So you’ve decided to get a gym membership, good for you. But before you head down to the nearest gym to sign up as a new member, check out this article on why it makes sense to take over someone else’s gym membership instead.

It’s Cheaper to Take Over a Gym Membership

Getting in shape is a popular new year resolution, but not everyone can stick to their goals. So there are always people trying to get rid of their unused membership several months into the year. Additionally, people’s circumstances change – people move, experience financial hardship, get sick or injured.

Treadmills with no one on them.
A lot of people stopped going to the gym because of COVID, and are now looking for people to take over their membership.

Furthermore, with the recent pandemic, many gyms were ordered to close. Even if they weren’t, some gym members just don’t feel safe working in public gyms anymore, so they purchased equipment and started working out at home. When there are more supply than demand, you know it’s the buyer’s market. People that are serious about selling their gym membership will likely offer some sort of incentive for you to take over. So no only do you not have to pay a join fee, you get paid to take it over.

Many people are looking for people to take over their gym membership because they work out at home now.
Some gym members have started out working out at home, and are now selling their membership.

Even if a seller doesn’t offer a cash incentive, chances are the transaction will still include things like the transfer fee and the key fob. So at the end of the day, you still come out ahead when you take over another person’s gym membership.

Reduced Contract Length

Some gyms will offer a lower monthly rate when you sign a longer contract. Especially when new clubs first open, it’s not uncommon for them to discount their rates deeply just to get customers. As their membership base grows, they might increase the rate over time so there are no more discounts. So chances are, you will be able to find a contract that is more affordable, and doesn’t require as long of a commitment. One person’s loss is another person’s gain, so take advantage of it.

Helping Another Person Out

This is probably the least convincing reason of all but needs to be mentioned. By taking over another person’s membership, you’re doing a fellow human being a favour. Perhaps you’re relieving the person of the financial stress he or she is going through.

To find a gym membership in you region to take over, take a look at our Listing page.